How To Care For Lilac Bushes

With busy lives, there will be circumstances that you do not have the time to go out. But there will also be times that you will need to de-stress and being with nature is one of the good solutions. But as said before, the schedule is tight that all you have are short times.

If you have your own yard, there is an easy solution with that, and that is to have your own garden. Gardening is a really therapeutic hobby and with effort and hardships that come with it, the outcome is worth it, and you will see it the next time you sit around your garden.

Flower bushes are a must in a garden. One of the most popular ones is the lilac. It is really pretty and fragrant. A really great addition to a garden.

Do you want to have that in yours? It is easy to have them. In addition, this plant is really low-maintenance, so you do not need to stress too much about it. Here are the things you can do:

1. Planting

Be sure to plant them in rich and fertile soil. Also, make sure that it is placed where the sun shines the most as it is important for it to bloom fully and also a soil that is well-drained. They also need some space apart to provide room for growth. You can put some fertilizer but make sure it is not too much but enough to last it. Having too much is not good for it. That is the same for water. The best time to plant them is during spring or fall. 

2. Caring

To take care of the lilacs is easy for you do not need to do much. What it really needs is sunlight or else it will not grow well. It is said that it can work with any soil but works best with well-drained soil. That means it does need much watering. It also does not need much fertilizer. Another great thing about lilacs is it does not need many pesticides because it is very rare for it to be bothered by pests. As for the place, it is not recommended to have it planted in a dry and humid area but in cooler areas. All in all, as said before, if you are looking for something that easy to be taken care of, a lilac shrub is one of them. In addition to that, it adds beauty to your garden.

3. Pruning

Lilacs are easy to take care of. It also easily spread by shoots. But still, it needs to be pruned. The reason for this is because it will die if it is not. Because of this, it needs to be done constantly. This way, it will also cultivate and grow more. What is great about this is that it also prevents it from getting any kind of disease, and they will last long, decades even. The best time to prune it is during spring.