How To Attract Ducks To Your Yard

To have your own yard will be a great way for you to be with nature even without going further. With it, you can have some garden or landscape and have it as a place to relax and release stress.

What is more, if you manage to have your own pond in your backyard. It will truly be a wonderful view to look at and also a nice place for you to visitors to see. It will be even greater if you have some life in there. Of course, there will be plants or even fishes, but you can actually attract something to come into the pond. 

Ducks are great to have in your pond. And what is better is that it is not that complicated to have them come.

1. Food and Water

This is what animals are most attracted to. If you already have a garden, it is already easy for them to have something eat for it will surely have some worms and insects around. You can also feed them some oats, bird seeds, etc. Then, of course, the water is already accessible to the pond. To make it more accessible, have some part in the pond swallower than the rest, and this will be the place where they will be able to have some bath and drink.

2. Plants

Aside from your garden and food scraps, another way for ducks to provide food is by adding some plants in the pond. There are also some ducks that would nest to these plants. These plants can also serve as protection for their nests and shelter.

3. Nesting Site

Ducks do not really have a specific place to nest as long it has some vegetation and concealed. What will gain their attention more is if you will provide them one. All you have to do is to have some duck boxes you can place around the garden and trees, and they will have those as their nests.

4. No Predators

Make sure that you do not have any animals or predators that will scare them away or even eat them. This includes some of your household pets such as cats or at times, dogs. You should also have something to get rid of animals that go around your yard. You can set up some traps and repellents to have them getaway. You can also get some help from animal control if you want to.

5. Decoys

Ducks are curious creatures that would like to see something their other peers are having as a habitat. Because of that, adding some decoys can gain their attention and would like to see why there are many ducks in that place. Add to that, they will consider that habitat a safe place for having many of them will make them feel secure. Make sure you have enough floating around the water and also some in the banks. As time passes by, they would get comfortable enough for your place as a safe environment for them.