How To Add A Second Dog To Your Home

Having a dog is one of the greatest things. Sure, it is a lot of work and responsibility, but it is worth it with the company and happiness they give to you. No matter how down or stressed you are, a dog can take it away by petting them or giving you doggy hugs or just by being there.

For that matter, you will be thinking of having another one. As they say, the more the merrier, and it will seem like a great idea to give your dog company and friend. But keep in mind that dogs are territorial, and it will be not easy to have anything new to them. It is very possible though, and you will just need to do some things first.

1. Select the Right Dog

You would need to know what kind of dog that will be the right company for you and your dog. Remember that the dog you have is also the owner in your home, so you would need to know if what you will have is also compatible with them. Just like people, dogs have different personalities. Like for example, there would be dogs that are more chill or laid back. If you have that kind, you have to keep in mind that having something more energetic might be annoying for them. Another thing to consider is sexes. As long as your dogs are neutered, you will not be worried about dogs in opposite sexes, and it is said to be the best, but it still depends upon your pet.

2. Introduction

Now that you have selected your dog, it is time to introduce them. The process of this is not fast, but that does not mean it will be slow. As said before, it will depend upon your dog. The first thing you need to do is not to take home your new dog right away. What you will do is take them somewhere neutral to introduce them. Make sure to have them both on a leash. By this, you will have to watch out how they are with each other. If the other shows aggressiveness, make sure to warn them with their behavior right away. Continue to this until they are familiar with each other. You can bring them home after this, but you still have to watch out. 

3. Give Them Spaces

Dogs are territorial, so if your old dog has its own space, make sure to give the new one theirs. It can be their own places like a bed or toys. You can do this by having some certain restrictions around your home. This also counts for the food. Make sure that they are fair in both time and quantity.

4. Go for Walks

One of the best ways for your dogs to know one another is by going for walks. With this, you will also be able to bond with them. Remember that you should be the one who leads because you are the alpha, so always be in front and always make sure that they follow you in all ways.