How To Clean Your Bath Tub Naturally

Maintenance is really important in your home. Not only it is great for giving your home a great value, but it is also good for you because you will be able to utilize it and are the one who is beneficial.

The kitchen and the bathroom are important for your home’s value for these rooms raise a lot of it. Because of this, if you are thinking of remodeling your home, always have these two in mind. Not only that, it is really important these are maintained and cleaned. Why? Because the kitchen is the place where you prepare food then the bathroom is usually for cleaning up yourself. These are also the places that bacteria and germs are most obvious, so it needs to be cleaned often.

The problem at times is that cleaning products do not work so much. Some would also seem too pricey. Add to that, some of them are not good for our health. The good news is that there are solutions that you can easily make and mostly just use some household products. There are different kinds for different places.

The bathroom has a lot of them, and one of that is the bathtub. You can easily clean it without using any products you buy from stores.

The Solution

With the mixture of baking soda and water that is turned into a paste, you can now clean your bathtub. If the stains are tougher, you can replace the water with vinegar. You can also actually use pure vinegar for cleaning, but it is more powerful if it is mixed with baking soda. You can also add some lemon juice to be more effective and also to add some freshness.


Is your bathtub smelling? It must be because of the drain. Baking soda is not only good for cleaning, but it is also great for eliminating the smell. All you need to do is have half a cup of it then pour it directly in the drain. After that, pour half a cup of vinegar then let it form a foam. To rinse it, you will have to pour in boiling water. With that, you will be able to get rid of the smell. You can do this regularly to avoid forming an odor.


Even if your bathroom is odor-free, you would still want to add some fragrance in it to make it more pleasing. You can do this in your bathtub and would likely affect the whole bathroom. All you need to do is to have some essential oils. You can put it as a finishing touch after cleaning it. Another thing you can do is to use it during your baths. With essential oil, mixed with some bath salts and the water, you will be relaxed and release all the stress while adding some fragrance in the bathroom.

Some Additional Tips:

  1. Clean your bathtub regularly to avoid stains and smells.
  2. If something needs to be changed or upgraded, do it right away.

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