How To Block Water Drainage From Your Neighbor’s Yard

Living in a new home is not only about thinking about the situation of your house and property. The value of the neighborhood should also be kept in mind. Because of that, you should also think about their concerns and needs. You should also need to have some understanding and also communication. That way, you will avoid any kind of tension.

There are problems that you cannot avoid though. One of these is water drainage that comes from your neighbor. It may be from different reasons like storms or maybe some alterations that had been done, but it will surely be costly to your property if it continues. It may cause flooding or damage your property. That does not mean you will hold a grudge against your neighbor, but you should also not discard this problem. Instead, you should solve this problem as soon as possible.

What are these possible solutions you can do?

1. Dig

As you dig, you can create something that will redirect the water. It could either be a hole or a swale that will catch the water instead of going all the way to your property. You can also create berms while at it. This is what you called to the land that borders rivers. You can also make one for your property to border water drainages. 

2. Dry Well

Another thing you can do is to have some drainage in your home. This will also be helpful during the storm or just heavy rain. It will prevent flooding. As you add that drainage, you can also add something that will be useful for you. You can install a dry well to catch those waters and use them later. It is a great way to be efficient.

3. French Drainage

Another idea you can do is to install French drainage. French drainage is a pipe that will make the flowing of water easy and also gives the distance from the house. In addition, it will also help to give water to some soil and if there is a particular place near that needs water, you can have it distributed in that place. You can also have this installed then have the water directed to a dry well which can be useful.

4. Catch Basin

This must be the most common that will be installed in a house to catch water. It is a nice way to avoid flooding in your house especially the basement. It will also help to increase the value of your home. It is usually by the house though, so some of your property might get affected if the water was from the neighbor.

These things can be a great solution, but it needs a lot of work and labor. It might be also costly. Even if that is the case, you will be able to avoid the cost of damaged property which may be more than all of these. If you want to learn more about household solutions, you can read more on this site.