How To Build A Shed For A Lawn Mower

It is a great thing to own a house. It will be a great asset to you and also a home you can rest in and relax. What is more, if you have your own lawn. There are many activities you can do with it like having a barbecue party or playing with your kids and pets. You can also grow your own garden in it. The possibilities are endless.

But of course, you are also responsible for maintaining it. One of your tasks is mowing it. Because of that, having your own lawnmower is a must to make things easier and also cheaper.

You would be asking what would be the best way to store it. Well, that would be having its own shed. The great news is it easy to build one on your own, and you will not need to go to stores to find one that will be perfect for you.

1. Have a Plan

You will need to have a plan first so that you will know where to start and have a guide. You do not need to be an architect or find one because there are a lot of free plans available that can be found on the internet. They are in different sizes, so you will find the perfect one for your lawn.

2. Choose a Design

Aside from the size and mechanics, you can also choose the design. You may want something that is simple and just for the purpose of storing your lawnmower. But you can also have something that looks like a mini house that your kids might want to play around it. Aside from that, it will also have other purposes such as storing your other tools. It will also be great decor around your lawn.

3. Materials and Tools

After planning and deciding, you will need to gather the needed materials and tools. Most of the tools are the basic ones such as a tape measure and speed square for measurements, and then a power drill, circular saw, and nail gun for building. The materials used are skids, boards, and plywood. You will also need some materials for the roof. Then, of course, to make it attractive and personalized and also for further protection, you will need to paint it.

4. Build It

Now that everything is ready, you are now to build the shed. You will first need to have the foundation built, and it is the most important to have it sturdy. Then after that will be the base or the floors. Before you build the walls, there should be frames first which is quite similar to the base. And then, one by one, you will add the walls. When the interior is finished, it is time to move on at the exterior which are the sidings and the roof. Before you add the last layer of the roof, you will have to paint first, so it will not be accidentally painted. And it is time for you to enjoy your new shed.