How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On The Lawn

After a stressful day or week, it is nice to just relax and take a rest in your own lawn. You would not have the time to go out and be with nature but being on your own lawn will be enough.

There would be problems you cannot avoid though. One of the most common problems a lawn could have is having brown spots. It is common yet very frustrating and has to be resolved sooner than later. 

There are a variety of reasons why your lawn is having brown spots, and the first thing you need to do is know about that. Once you did, you will be able to know what to do.

1. Fungus

It could be that it has a disease or fungus. To know if this is the reason, you will see that the grass not only has brown spotting, it is also at times mixed in with some yellowish or white. The spots are also commonly circular. It happens during spring or midsummer because of humid. One way to solve this is by having some fungicide to prevent it. Another way is to water them early in the morning. The other is improving air circulation by aeration and also to dethatch. Regular mowing can also help.

2. Pests

It might also be caused by pests, and you will know it if the grass pulls easily. There are different kinds of pests that could invade your lawn. It could be insects or grubs. It can be resolved by adding some pesticides or any control products. If you want to do it without using those, you will have to know about prevention which is all about consistent watering for moisture. 

3. Animal Spots

Do you have a pet? They could also be the reason. Their urine contains acid that is strong enough to cause browning. It could also be birds or other animals that go to your lawn. If this is the case, you will have to train your pets. As for other animals, you will need to have ways for them to not enter your property. Acid can also be cleansed by water, so make sure to have it watered.

4. Drought

It could be also that it is not watered enough. Because of that, make sure you will have it watered especially during the summer with the heat and seldom rain. If you do not have the time to monitor, you can invest with time sprinklers. It will be a big problem if your lawn gets dried completely because it will be very difficult to revive it or be killed completely.

5. Mowing

Improper mowing can also cause damage to your grass. It could be because your lawnmower is dull that it causes damage. You will have to sharpen those right away. It could be also that the mowing is incorrect. The grass may have been too short which will easily cause them to dry. When you mow the grass, it should be in a correct height to prevent that.

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