How To Clean 100% Polyester

Nowadays, there are a lot of clothes that are made in different shapes, sizes, and materials. There are a lot of materials made for certain conditions or seasons. There are certain fabrics that are bad for certain seasons. 

Polyester is one of the well-known fabrics today. What is great about it is great for traveling because it does not easily wrinkled. It is not great for summer though because it will make you feel hotter. Even if that is the case, many still tend to purchase it because it is easy to carry. 

Clothing is not the only thing that can be made of polyester. There are also bags and furniture. Because of that, you will have other problems aside from your own sweat. There will be also dirt, stains, and pet odors and it would seem that cleaning is too much. It is not really though. You will just do it in the right way.

1. See If It’s Necessary to Pretreat

The first thing you need to look for is stains. One thing about polyesters is that it easily stains and has to be cleaned right away because it may get absorbed and hard to be fixed therefore will be damaged. So if it is stained, you will have to fix it right away with the solution of vinegar, water, and detergent ( either laundry or dish will do). You could also have something store-bought, and their many kinds available that will tend to your specific needs or usual problems you encounter.

2. Machine Wash

After creating the solution, you can wash the polyester material in the washing machine. Make sure to have it in a normal cycle with warm water and use an all-purpose detergent. You can use some bleach if it is necessary. In fact, if you have a white polyester and would want to restore its whiteness, you will have to soak it overnight. If you want to soften the material and reduce static electricity, use a fabric conditioner.

3. Tumble Dry and Straighten

In order to dry it, you will need to have it tumble dried in low or medium temperature. It will cause shrinking if gets too much or hot. Remember that polyester does not really get wrinkled, so it does not really need ironing. If you want, you can do it with a low temperature or have it steamed.

Aside from washing, you should also take care of it. That way, it will last longer and also you will not spend much. Here the ways you can take care of it:

a. To store polyester, you can either hang it or have it folded.

b. Because it is sensitive to heat, avoid exposing it directly to the sun.

c. Avoid wearing polyester during the hot weather. Sweat can cause discoloration and may also stain it.

d. Oil stains will be hard to be removed, so try to avoid it. If it does get stained though, you will need to have it dry cleaned because water will not solve it.