Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget These Weekly Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer – it’s finally starting to feel like spring! Many of us use this time of year as an opportunity to do some much-needed spring cleaning. But don’t forget about all of the weekly maintenance tasks that need to be done in order to keep your home in tip-top shape. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most important tasks that you should be doing on a regular basis. Keep reading for more information!

Dust the furniture and surfaces regularly.

One of the best ways to keep your home clean is by dusting it regularly. Dust can easily build up over time, so it’s important to take a few minutes each week to get rid of it. Be sure to pay special attention to areas that tend to collect dust, such as shelves, window sills, and door frames.

Vacuum the floors and carpets.

Another important task to keep your home clean is vacuuming the floors and carpets. This should be done at least once a week, but more often if needed. Be sure to vacuum all of the areas of your home, including under the furniture and around the edges of the room.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom counters.

The kitchen and bathroom counters are two areas of your home that tend to get dirty quickly. Be sure to clean them regularly – at least once a week is recommended. In addition, be sure to disinfect them regularly as well. This can be done by using a disinfectant cleaner or by spraying them with vinegar.

Wipe down the cabinets and appliances.

The cabinets and appliances in your home can also get dirty over time. Be sure to wipe them down regularly – at least once a week is recommended. This will help keep them looking clean and new.

Clean the windows and mirrors.

The windows and mirrors in your home can also get dirty over time. Be sure to clean them regularly – at least once a week is recommended. This will help keep them looking clear and shiny.

These are just some of the weekly maintenance tasks that you should be doing in order to keep your home clean and in good condition. Be sure to add them to your spring cleaning checklist, and you’ll be able to keep your home in great shape all year long!

Happy Spring Cleaning! 🙂


Simple Ways To Stay Secure With Your Dog At Home

Red door.

Whether you have a large dog or a small Chihuahua at home, you want to know how to stay secure with your dog at home, especially if you have a camera. For one thing, an intruder can be identified, and you may also be able to monitor your dog while you are away, which means that if you have a security alarm at home, the intruder can be identified, and your dog can be captured, too. The camera and the security alarm will give you the peace of mind that you need when you’re away from your home.

Security Alarms

Security alarm.

If you are concerned about the potential invasion of your home by strangers, then you should install a security alarm at home. A wireless security alarm is ideal for how to stay secure with your dog at home. Some wireless security alarms can be set up anywhere, including inside the house, on the patio or even outside on the driveway. Some wireless security alarms can work on cell phones, televisions or other communication devices. The dog’s collar also becomes an additional way of how to stay secure with your dog at home.

Tracker Collar

The collar lets you know that the dog is in fact in the home. The dog collar also works like a communication device between you and the dog, as it communicates with the security alarm. If the pet escapes, you can still find out where he is. Some of the security alarm collars come with digital radio and motion detectors. This means that your pet can be found and returned safely.

To use your security alarm, you first need to attach the dog’s collar. Then, you activate the security alarm. The motion detectors will emit a signal, so that you will know if your dog is really in the house. You can also use the radio transmitter to contact your dog through the security alarm. The radio transmitter works from a collar or an argyle cord.

You can learn more about these types of collars and more through Good Pup Life.

Dog Harness

Some owners may prefer using a dog harness instead of a collar with a transmitter. With a harness, you can also keep your dog close to you when you are walking him, while still allowing him to follow you around if he wants to. And because a harness has a transmitter in the same place as the dog collar, it is less likely to cause interference with your neighbor’s home security system. So, if you are wondering how to stay secure with your dog at home with a collar and transmitter, you can always use a harness.

Bark Collar

Some dogs may bark non-stop. You need to learn how to stay secure with your dog at home with a bark arrest collar. This collar is used to control excessive barking. You simply attach it around your dog’s neck and leave it there for the barking to stop.


How to Turn Your Home Into a Museum

Do you want to know how to turn your home into a museum? History can make your home into an incredible museum. You can turn your family’s history into something amazing. Here are some things to think about when planning your home’s museum.

Most homes do not have enough space for all the exhibits that are required by museums. You will need to think carefully about the types of exhibits that you will use in your home. Do you want to focus on national, regional or local history? Will your display be strictly decorative or would you like to include some actual artifacts as well? National museums require very specific equipment and decorations and most do not allow pets at all.

Pet museums are becoming extremely popular. People love to show off their pets and have them displayed in a special museum setting. If you have pets, it is very important that you have a secure area where they can be displayed safely. It is important that the exhibits are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis and that any residue is removed from the glass before displaying. Most museums will not allow pets at all.

If you plan to use your home for more than one purpose, you need to be sure you turn your home into a museum all the time. For instance, if you have an antiques collection you should keep it in a dark cupboard with soft lighting and minimal traffic. This will ensure that your collection remains in good condition. You can then add antiques to your other collections once your antiques have been properly cared for.

In some cases, museums will not allow you to touch certain objects or use objects that you might be allergic to. This is especially true of objects found in foreign countries. The history books were written thousands of years ago and are written in different languages. Even today, there are many different languages used to write history. When you touch the piece it could cause allergies and you could ruin the book.

Museums are all around us and they need constant care. Pet lovers should seriously consider Museum planning for their pets. It’s really that simple and the Museum World site will help you find all your needed supplies for Museum planning. When you start your Museum planning, be sure you remember these few tips so you can turn your home into a Museum.


How To Bed Train Your Dog

Do you have a new pet dog? It’s great, isn’t it? You will have someone to entertain you. If you are having a bad day, they can make it feel better with just a look and cuddle. They are a great company, and you will never feel alone with them. All in all, it is nice.

But of course, as their owner, you are responsible for them. You will have to train them on where they will have urine and feces. You will also need to train them on how they will be on strangers and other animals.

Then also, you will have to set limits. It is your choice where they will sleep. You can have them in your bed if you want, but there it could be something you want to set limits with. One of the ways is to buy them their own bed. It will be quite challenging, but all you need is patience and time. So, how will the training be?

1. Prepare

You will have to show them the bed first. What they will do is to be familiar with it. They will definitely sniff it. At that time, you will find out if they are comfortable and loving the new bed. Another tip is to have the perfect spot for it. It will definitely depend more on his preference. Some would want to be closer to you while some would want to guard your home. You can pick somewhere in between if you are having a hard time.

2. Lure

Then you will have to lure them to the bed. You will have to start off as discreet. You can start by giving them treats every time they went to bed. Then add commands to get them in the bed whether by going in it or leaving.

3. Train

Once they have learned about the commands, you can now start with training. If you are a person who takes naps, you can start with that. You can also have some practice during the day by giving them the commands. To make this really work, you will have to do it often so that it will be stuck in their minds and remember. Then when it is bedtime, make that command again. If they do not follow, you can put them yourself there then give them another command and a treat to stay so that they will know the meaning next time. Make sure they also stay. If not, get them back but make sure to only give a treat once or else they might have the wrong idea for it.

4. Reward

Rewards are a great way to have to train a dog. It also works with this. So all you have to do is to have some treats on hand. Another way is by having their favorite toy placed in the bed.

5. Time

Having them stay in bed will be a challenge, and you have to be patient for that. You can start with the number of seconds, but make sure to have it increase as days come and also to keep the distance, so they will not follow every time you go out.


How To Maximize A Small Living Room

You would say that the living room is the most important part of your home. It is mostly the first room everyone will see. It is where you mostly entertain your guests and do some activities. It is where you and your family or friends do some bonding time. Because of that, it is very important to have your living room look good and also functional.

But not all sizes would agree with this. There will be those that are not big enough to accommodate. But you can still make it work with these few tips:

1. Arrange Furniture Accordingly

The furniture would be the most important aspect in the living room and for it to look good, you will have to fill the spaces with it or else it will look awkward. To make this work, you will have to choose the furniture wisely. If you know that your living room will be small, pick the pieces that will fit. It does not have to be small either, but it should be enough for the room. Be also creative that you will not have to push all the big ones against the wall. You can also try some other arrangements that will work as long as you will keep everything balanced.

2. Have the Right Decors

If you have enough spaces, you can fill it up with decor. You can fill the walls with artworks or framed photographs. You can also add in some sculptures that can fill up the spaces. With the tables and shelves, you can also have your collections, memorabilia, framed pictures, or any other decor displayed. Plants are not only a great way to add something in your space, but they can also add color. If you are living in the city, plants can also bring you closer to nature. It can also make the air cleaner.

3. Make it Look Larger

Even if you have a small living room, you can make it seem larger with the right decor and color. To make it larger, painting it white or any other light colors will do the job. Then you will add other elements such as having tall objects that will create illusions. You can also use lighting. Natural light is the best way, but you can also have some artificial ones that will enhance the room. You can also use mirrors so that the light will bounce off those. Rugs can also do the trick by using a large area rug that will cover almost all of the room. It will be a nice way to cover hardwood floors or any other floor that is hard to work with.

4. Be Wise

Because you have a small space, you should have some things that are double in purpose. This will save you both money and space. Ottomans are one of those that are versatile. You can use it as a table or as an extra seat. You can also use it as a footstool. And because it also doubles as storage, you now have extra storage to put your stuff in. Another example is seats that can double as a sleeping area for guests.


How To Avoid Cooking Smells In The House

A home-cooked meal is one of the best things ever. It is less expensive than take-out or eating out. It is also healthier for you will control what you will mix and also will pick the ingredients on your own.

The aromas are not that bad while cooking. It just makes you hungrier. It is not the best though especially if it lingers. What is worse is it will become worse as time passes. Because of that, you will need to do something about it.

To get rid of the smell, here are some things you can do:


If you have an exhaust fan, make it in good use. It is one of the best ways to immediately get rid of the smell. There are many times that it is not enough though, so another way to combat and also to help the exhaust fan is opening your windows to let the smell out. You can also open an additional fan. If you are willing to spend some, you can install an electric chimney. Another way is having a good air conditioner. 

Air Purifier

Another item you can purchase is an air purifier. Aside from getting rid of the cooking smells, there are other benefits that will do in your home. For one, it is beneficial for your health, because it removes harmful bacteria and allergens and others that usually trigger asthma. If you have pets, it will also get rid of pet smells that are around your house. It is also helpful if other rooms in your house have some odor. 

Some Household Items

If you are into natural cleaning, there are also natural ways to get rid of cooking smells. It is very easy to find and also a lot cheaper. You will just have to look at what is best and works well in your kitchen. Here are some items you can use:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is known as a deodorizer. That is because it absorbs smells. It is effective for getting rid of carpet and shoe smells so as for the kitchen. All you need to do is to have it in a bowl then place it in the counter or anywhere else in your kitchen. It is also great for getting rid of the smell of your refrigerator and your trash can.

White Vinegar

Another is white vinegar. You can also have it in a bowl then leave it in the counter. You can also make it simmer in a pan in just a couple of minutes, and the smell will be gone.

Coffee Grounds

If you are a coffee lover, this will be not hard for you. Coffee grounds are also a great deodorizer. All you need is to have the leftovers in a bowl the leave it in the counter overnight. It is a great way to get rid of smells that have come during the night or even the whole day.


Just like the baking soda, charcoals are great for deodorizing odors. Just place it in a bowl near the area with most odor, and it will be absorbed by the charcoal.


How To Keep Your Dog From Running Away

It can be quite worrisome when your dog runs away from home. First, you’re confronted with the fear that they’ve gotten lost and can’t find their way, and that it’s up to you to find them and bring them back. Then, your mind could wander to worse situations – like them running in the road and putting themselves in danger, or running off into the woods where they could confront some aggressive wild animals. Suffice to say it’s always better if you can avoid your dog running away in the first place. It’ll keep your general level of stress down and it will help to make sure your pet stays happy and safe.

Get Them Used To The Leash

If you keep your dog on a leash often then they will get accustomed to staying nearby – so much so that they won’t even run away when you’re not holding the leash or even when they’re not wearing the leash as time goes on. If you want to leave your dog alone outside for a longer period of time, you can also try a longer leash tied to a tree or a fence pole. Do keep in mind that your dog can get tangled though, so you do have to keep an eye on them so that they don’t get hurt. Be especially careful if you have an uneven yard where they could fall with the leash still attached.

Use an Electric Dog Fence

Another tactic you could try is to set your yard up with an electric dog fence. Then, all you have to do is have your dog wear the collar that works with the fence and it will send them a mild shock if they try to go too far. You can get them up to speed with where they can and can’t go by putting flags along the electric fence boundary. This page tells you all about them if this solution sounds like the way to go: One thing to keep in mind is that it can take quite a bit of work to get up and running, and there have been circumstances when dogs still get through. Perhaps they’ve gotten better over the years though.

Treat Them Well

A happy dog is usually a well-behaved dog, and if you treat them right they are likely to want to spend as much time with you as they possibly can. Give them plenty of love, petting them often and giving them your undivided attention when they want to play. This means putting your phone down from time to time, which seems to be becoming increasingly difficult as time goes on. Make sure that they feel welcomed and like they are part of the family, rather than simply an animal in your captivity. Dogs may not be able to talk, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t like to be appreciated just like humans do. Giving them treats when they come inside is another trick that will make them always want to come back home for a quick snack.


How To Catch A Chipmunk In Your Yard

Your yard is one of your responsibilities. This means you have to take care of it by cleaning and fixing those that need to be fixed. You will also have to look out for the plants and the grass itself. Because of that, it is important to have tools on hand. Having a shed will be handy for those.

Another problem would be animals that lurk and dig in your yard. They mean no harm to you, but it does for your property. One of those is the chipmunks, and they go to yards to find some food. The great news is you can control and get rid of them without hurting them. All you need to do is do some labor to set some traps.

1. Find Suitable Trap

There are different kinds of chipmunks but because they do not differ in size, you can choose something small that will suit them. It usually has a mesh so that they will not escape. 

2. Know the Places

You should know the places they frequently go to. You can observe first by making out their markings and where you most see and hear them. You should also keep in mind that they love places that are secure and hidden, so you can also start there. Also, they might know about the traps if it is out in the open.

3. Have Baits

Before you set up the traps, you will need to have something that will lure those chipmunks to a bait. The bait does not have to be expensive, you may have one on hand. The most effective ones are mostly nuts or seeds like peanuts or sunflower seeds. Even peanut butter works. Grains are also effective as are popcorn. You can also use fruits. 

4. Set the Trap

Now it is time to set your traps. You will first need to set the bait at the trigger plate. When it comes to setting up, it will take a little bit of patience about balancing the doors. You will have to be careful for it to be done. To make sure it works, you will have to test it. Then after that, always check it.

5. Release Them

Once you caught one, you have to make sure that they are fed and hydrated. Then after that, you will have to release them. It should be far enough from your home which is five miles according to some laws. If you are not sure, you can ask questions about it. There could be someplace that they can be released. After doing that, make sure to clean yourself up and disinfect, because they tend to carry diseases.

Other ways to get rid of chipmunks:

1. Prevention by putting some obstructions such as mesh around plants.

2. Remove wood and rock piles. It is where chipmunks go.

3. You can also use repellents such as mothballs or Thiram then place them around your garden. Keep in mind that it might hurt them, so it is not really advisable.


How To Clean 100% Polyester

Nowadays, there are a lot of clothes that are made in different shapes, sizes, and materials. There are a lot of materials made for certain conditions or seasons. There are certain fabrics that are bad for certain seasons. 

Polyester is one of the well-known fabrics today. What is great about it is great for traveling because it does not easily wrinkled. It is not great for summer though because it will make you feel hotter. Even if that is the case, many still tend to purchase it because it is easy to carry. 

Clothing is not the only thing that can be made of polyester. There are also bags and furniture. Because of that, you will have other problems aside from your own sweat. There will be also dirt, stains, and pet odors and it would seem that cleaning is too much. It is not really though. You will just do it in the right way.

1. See If It’s Necessary to Pretreat

The first thing you need to look for is stains. One thing about polyesters is that it easily stains and has to be cleaned right away because it may get absorbed and hard to be fixed therefore will be damaged. So if it is stained, you will have to fix it right away with the solution of vinegar, water, and detergent ( either laundry or dish will do). You could also have something store-bought, and their many kinds available that will tend to your specific needs or usual problems you encounter.

2. Machine Wash

After creating the solution, you can wash the polyester material in the washing machine. Make sure to have it in a normal cycle with warm water and use an all-purpose detergent. You can use some bleach if it is necessary. In fact, if you have a white polyester and would want to restore its whiteness, you will have to soak it overnight. If you want to soften the material and reduce static electricity, use a fabric conditioner.

3. Tumble Dry and Straighten

In order to dry it, you will need to have it tumble dried in low or medium temperature. It will cause shrinking if gets too much or hot. Remember that polyester does not really get wrinkled, so it does not really need ironing. If you want, you can do it with a low temperature or have it steamed.

Aside from washing, you should also take care of it. That way, it will last longer and also you will not spend much. Here the ways you can take care of it:

a. To store polyester, you can either hang it or have it folded.

b. Because it is sensitive to heat, avoid exposing it directly to the sun.

c. Avoid wearing polyester during the hot weather. Sweat can cause discoloration and may also stain it.

d. Oil stains will be hard to be removed, so try to avoid it. If it does get stained though, you will need to have it dry cleaned because water will not solve it.


How To Fill Open Space In A Living Room

The living room is a place that guests to your home will see often. It is the place where you entertain your visitors. It is also the first place everyone will see. Because of that, it is important that it is visually pleasing.

At times, because of space, some areas and corners are empty. It will definitely awkward to look at. It is easy to fix, but you still have to do it right or else it will still look awkward.

Here some things you can fill up your space with. They can be nice to look at or functional or both.

1. Furniture

This must be the most obvious or easiest choice. You can put some side tables or shelves then fill it with decor or your collections. You can also place extra seating on it. It does not have to be obvious because you can put ottomans that can double as storage and also be used as a footstool. Another way you can do is to arrange your furniture accordingly. This means you will arrange your furniture in a way that will fill up space. That is why in choosing furniture, you should know the ones that will fit perfectly in your living room.

2. Artwork

If your space is against the wall, this will be great for hanging your artworks. It could be your collection or your own. It could also be photographs whether the artistic ones or something personal like of you and your family. Artworks also include sculptures, so you can have it fill corners or any empty space. You can even put some lightings to showcase it. 

3. Plants

This is also a great opportunity to add plants in corners and sides. It is a great way to add some color and decor to your home. Plants are not just great decor but also adds life to your home. If you are living in a city, this is also a great way for you to add some cleaner air and to have nature with you. If you are thinking you are too busy or not that good at plants, you can have succulents as an alternative. These plants do not require much watering but still have the benefits of other plants.

4. Extra Corner

Your living room must have a lot of space that you have an extra space fit for a room. Because of that, you can use this as an extra. If you are a reader and have a lot of books, you can make this corner a mini library or a reading corner with a seat and lamp. It could also be a corner for private conversations. If you have kids, it can be for them. You can install a playpen with a lot of toys. If you will be having visitors with kids, this will be a great way to keep an eye on them but still, have their own time. You can also put an office or a small workspace. The possibilities are endless for this, and it will surely cater to your needs.