How To Comfort Someone Who Has Lost A Pet

Pets are great to have. They provide joy and comfort when you are stressed out or lonely. They are great companions even if you are feeling alone. They are just there and make you happy just by seeing them.

That is why it is also hard if you lost them. They are part of your family, and it is really sad and hard to know that they are gone. It is also easy to know to feel that way if you know that someone experienced that too. And just like any other, they should also be comforted in their grief.

How can you show sympathy in times like this?

1. What to Say

You should choose your words around them. Remember that people handle grief differently. Because of that, you will have to be wise about what you are going to say for some words are sensitive, and they are vulnerable at that time. The safest would be saying the simplest and most common words which are, “sorry for your loss” or “my condolences.” With that as a start, they would react, and you would know what your next actions would be.

2. Sending a Condolence Card or Note

If you cannot express yourself in person, a condolence card or note will be a great way to tell them how you feel. It does not have to belong, but it will be great to have one that is really heartfelt. This is also good if the owner does not want to be spoken at the time. You would at least let them know that they are on your mind and supporting and ready to be there any time they want. 

3. Listen to Them

When it comes to the time they would want to speak, listen to them. Whatever they are feeling, make them let it out if they want to. They would definitely share all the things they would want to share. As said before, words can be sensitive, so you will have to choose your words carefully, and this includes questions you would like to ask. You can also choose not to say anything and just listen. One thing you can also do is to share great memories about the beloved pet and that they have a wonderful life. 

4. Show Support

As words can be sensitive, a great way to support them is by showing it. You can send some flowers or any plants. You can also make something in the honor and memory of the pet like chimes or artwork. If you have a garden, you can plant something in their memory. You can even have a service if the owner allows you to. You can also donate something in charities, organizations, or shelters in honor of that pet. It could be something related to the cause of death of the pet and that way, it can help other owners, pets, and even the owner you know themselves. It will certainly be a great tribute to them.