How To Decorate A Living Room With Wood Floors

Houses are not just places you will live in. In order for it to be yours, it has to look like it. You would want something that is elegant or could be just something simple.

There are different types of flooring, and one of those is having a wooden one. When you bought a house with this type, you would be thinking of changing it. It would cost much though, so the other solution would be to live with it. Also, think of the bright side of it. Wooden floors are easier to clean than others. There are certain solutions on how you can style it, and you might like it in the end.

1. Style and Decor

There are different kinds of styles you can do with your home. But with wooden flooring, the best kind will be something traditional or rustic. You can still mixed in some other elements to make it look more interesting and not too vintage looking. To do that, you can add in textures that are more modern such as velvet or leather. You can also add in some color but more on the neutral side because bright colors tend to bring distraction. So if you want your decors, furniture, and flooring to mix well together, neutral tones are opted to be safer.

2. Rugs

Wooden floors already look interesting, but you can add more by having some rugs. In addition to that, you would also add some softness and coziness in your living room that is also given by some of the fabrics around furniture. It will also be a great thing to layer with and also to have it matched with your other furniture and decor. 

3. Lighting

Most of the materials used for wooden flowing tends to be dark. Because of that, it will be hard to see, and the details of it are one of the important factors. Also, the floors themselves will hardly be seen. To solve that, you will need to have good lighting. Another way to help with that is to have other furniture and other parts of the room such as the walls and ceiling in white or other lighter colors. With that, the lights whether it be natural or artificial will be able to reflect on it and show off the floors.

4. Painted

Another option you can do is to have your wooden floors painted. Of course, you do not want to take away the natural look of it, so you will opt to stick with neutral colors such as brown or red. You can also have something of yellow undertones. If you really want to just have your floors pop up and make it good as new, the other great option is to stain it. It does not need to be stripped if you are thinking of making it darker, but it will be needed if you want to go lighter.

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