How To Bed Train Your Dog

Do you have a new pet dog? It’s great, isn’t it? You will have someone to entertain you. If you are having a bad day, they can make it feel better with just a look and cuddle. They are a great company, and you will never feel alone with them. All in all, it is nice.

But of course, as their owner, you are responsible for them. You will have to train them on where they will have urine and feces. You will also need to train them on how they will be on strangers and other animals.

Then also, you will have to set limits. It is your choice where they will sleep. You can have them in your bed if you want, but there it could be something you want to set limits with. One of the ways is to buy them their own bed. It will be quite challenging, but all you need is patience and time. So, how will the training be?

1. Prepare

You will have to show them the bed first. What they will do is to be familiar with it. They will definitely sniff it. At that time, you will find out if they are comfortable and loving the new bed. Another tip is to have the perfect spot for it. It will definitely depend more on his preference. Some would want to be closer to you while some would want to guard your home. You can pick somewhere in between if you are having a hard time.

2. Lure

Then you will have to lure them to the bed. You will have to start off as discreet. You can start by giving them treats every time they went to bed. Then add commands to get them in the bed whether by going in it or leaving.

3. Train

Once they have learned about the commands, you can now start with training. If you are a person who takes naps, you can start with that. You can also have some practice during the day by giving them the commands. To make this really work, you will have to do it often so that it will be stuck in their minds and remember. Then when it is bedtime, make that command again. If they do not follow, you can put them yourself there then give them another command and a treat to stay so that they will know the meaning next time. Make sure they also stay. If not, get them back but make sure to only give a treat once or else they might have the wrong idea for it.

4. Reward

Rewards are a great way to have to train a dog. It also works with this. So all you have to do is to have some treats on hand. Another way is by having their favorite toy placed in the bed.

5. Time

Having them stay in bed will be a challenge, and you have to be patient for that. You can start with the number of seconds, but make sure to have it increase as days come and also to keep the distance, so they will not follow every time you go out.