How to Turn Your Home Into a Museum

Do you want to know how to turn your home into a museum? History can make your home into an incredible museum. You can turn your family’s history into something amazing. Here are some things to think about when planning your home’s museum.

Most homes do not have enough space for all the exhibits that are required by museums. You will need to think carefully about the types of exhibits that you will use in your home. Do you want to focus on national, regional or local history? Will your display be strictly decorative or would you like to include some actual artifacts as well? National museums require very specific equipment and decorations and most do not allow pets at all.

Pet museums are becoming extremely popular. People love to show off their pets and have them displayed in a special museum setting. If you have pets, it is very important that you have a secure area where they can be displayed safely. It is important that the exhibits are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis and that any residue is removed from the glass before displaying. Most museums will not allow pets at all.

If you plan to use your home for more than one purpose, you need to be sure you turn your home into a museum all the time. For instance, if you have an antiques collection you should keep it in a dark cupboard with soft lighting and minimal traffic. This will ensure that your collection remains in good condition. You can then add antiques to your other collections once your antiques have been properly cared for.

In some cases, museums will not allow you to touch certain objects or use objects that you might be allergic to. This is especially true of objects found in foreign countries. The history books were written thousands of years ago and are written in different languages. Even today, there are many different languages used to write history. When you touch the piece it could cause allergies and you could ruin the book.

Museums are all around us and they need constant care. Pet lovers should seriously consider Museum planning for their pets. It’s really that simple and the Museum World site will help you find all your needed supplies for Museum planning. When you start your Museum planning, be sure you remember these few tips so you can turn your home into a Museum.


How To Maximize A Small Living Room

You would say that the living room is the most important part of your home. It is mostly the first room everyone will see. It is where you mostly entertain your guests and do some activities. It is where you and your family or friends do some bonding time. Because of that, it is very important to have your living room look good and also functional.

But not all sizes would agree with this. There will be those that are not big enough to accommodate. But you can still make it work with these few tips:

1. Arrange Furniture Accordingly

The furniture would be the most important aspect in the living room and for it to look good, you will have to fill the spaces with it or else it will look awkward. To make this work, you will have to choose the furniture wisely. If you know that your living room will be small, pick the pieces that will fit. It does not have to be small either, but it should be enough for the room. Be also creative that you will not have to push all the big ones against the wall. You can also try some other arrangements that will work as long as you will keep everything balanced.

2. Have the Right Decors

If you have enough spaces, you can fill it up with decor. You can fill the walls with artworks or framed photographs. You can also add in some sculptures that can fill up the spaces. With the tables and shelves, you can also have your collections, memorabilia, framed pictures, or any other decor displayed. Plants are not only a great way to add something in your space, but they can also add color. If you are living in the city, plants can also bring you closer to nature. It can also make the air cleaner.

3. Make it Look Larger

Even if you have a small living room, you can make it seem larger with the right decor and color. To make it larger, painting it white or any other light colors will do the job. Then you will add other elements such as having tall objects that will create illusions. You can also use lighting. Natural light is the best way, but you can also have some artificial ones that will enhance the room. You can also use mirrors so that the light will bounce off those. Rugs can also do the trick by using a large area rug that will cover almost all of the room. It will be a nice way to cover hardwood floors or any other floor that is hard to work with.

4. Be Wise

Because you have a small space, you should have some things that are double in purpose. This will save you both money and space. Ottomans are one of those that are versatile. You can use it as a table or as an extra seat. You can also use it as a footstool. And because it also doubles as storage, you now have extra storage to put your stuff in. Another example is seats that can double as a sleeping area for guests.


How To Fill Open Space In A Living Room

The living room is a place that guests to your home will see often. It is the place where you entertain your visitors. It is also the first place everyone will see. Because of that, it is important that it is visually pleasing.

At times, because of space, some areas and corners are empty. It will definitely awkward to look at. It is easy to fix, but you still have to do it right or else it will still look awkward.

Here some things you can fill up your space with. They can be nice to look at or functional or both.

1. Furniture

This must be the most obvious or easiest choice. You can put some side tables or shelves then fill it with decor or your collections. You can also place extra seating on it. It does not have to be obvious because you can put ottomans that can double as storage and also be used as a footstool. Another way you can do is to arrange your furniture accordingly. This means you will arrange your furniture in a way that will fill up space. That is why in choosing furniture, you should know the ones that will fit perfectly in your living room.

2. Artwork

If your space is against the wall, this will be great for hanging your artworks. It could be your collection or your own. It could also be photographs whether the artistic ones or something personal like of you and your family. Artworks also include sculptures, so you can have it fill corners or any empty space. You can even put some lightings to showcase it. 

3. Plants

This is also a great opportunity to add plants in corners and sides. It is a great way to add some color and decor to your home. Plants are not just great decor but also adds life to your home. If you are living in a city, this is also a great way for you to add some cleaner air and to have nature with you. If you are thinking you are too busy or not that good at plants, you can have succulents as an alternative. These plants do not require much watering but still have the benefits of other plants.

4. Extra Corner

Your living room must have a lot of space that you have an extra space fit for a room. Because of that, you can use this as an extra. If you are a reader and have a lot of books, you can make this corner a mini library or a reading corner with a seat and lamp. It could also be a corner for private conversations. If you have kids, it can be for them. You can install a playpen with a lot of toys. If you will be having visitors with kids, this will be a great way to keep an eye on them but still, have their own time. You can also put an office or a small workspace. The possibilities are endless for this, and it will surely cater to your needs.