How To Build Up A Low Area In Your Yard

As much as it is great to have your own lawn, it is a lot to work with. From the maintenance of the grass and garden and also the furniture and accessories around it. In addition to that, you will have to watch out the soil. You will have to always check if the soil is still healthy enough and for pests and weeds or else your lawn may die and will really be expensive in reviving it. 

Another problem is animals that go around your lawn. They are one of the factors that ruin it. If your lawn has many holes in them, it is a big possibility that they are the reason. Because of that, you might always have the need to cover them. For that matter, you will notice that your lawn is becoming uneven. It has other causes too, but as soon as you notice it, you will need to do some leveling.

Here are the ways to do it:

1. Topdress

To topdress means to apply fertilizer or compost in the soil. The great thing about this is that it is not harmful, but it will only work with the mild ones. Even so, this will be good if your lawn is just starting to get uneven, you can have this as a solution right away. All you need to do is have some of the soil and mixed it with compost. With it, you will have it spread all over the uneven areas. You will have to watch out for it because it will grow grass later on, and it will also have its role. If you noticed that it is still uneven, you will have to repeat the process.

2. Putting Dirt

This is another process that is easier and less work but will only be used if it is not that severe. Also, this will only work if you have less. Instead of mixing your soil with compost or fertilizer, you will just need to put it under the turf until it is even. You would still need to add water to remove air pockets. There are also some that use sand though this will be risky. That is because it will just dry out especially during the summer season. You can still mix it with your soil but make sure it is not too much.

3. Leveling the Worst

What if it is really low and extreme? It will surely take a lot of work because if it comes to that, you will have to change or remove the whole turf and reseed new grass. This way, you will also have to decide if you will need to change anything major like your soil or the grass you will seed. One of the reasons that should be kept in mind is because it might be the cause of your uneven lawn. It could be because the soli is not that good or the grass is not compatible with it. Add to that, there might be pests that not only destroy your lawn but also causes animals to dig.